Independent Radiation Protection Consultants

Nuclear power plants, medical radiation facilities, and other industrial users of radiation often hire independent radiation protection consultants to help with specific tasks. These tasks often require specialized equipment and knowledge. Detec is able to assist small independent contracts by providing equipment and knowledge.


Below you will find a selection of Detec products and services which you may find useful.

Have You Been Contracted to Determine Instrument Neutron Correction Factors?

Many instances call for an update to survey instrument neutron correction factors. Upgrading old or installing new equipment,  alter shielding or containment around your reactor or source. Whatever the reason neutron dose corrections are difficult to determine. However Detec has developed the Nested Neutron Spectrometer specifically to simplify this task. The link below will lead you to the Nested Neutron Spectrometer which brings the power of neutron spectroscopy to the workplace. GO 


Dealing with Dose Assessments, Remediation, and Assays Contracts?

Dealing with contamination events can lead to length and time consuming dose assessment calculations. These events can place pressure on radiation protection staff by adding work to their already busy schedules. Detec has developed a number of quick yet accurate tools to help in these situations. Follow the links below to learn more about Detec's dose assessment solutions

  • The Hot Particle Dosimetry System (HPDS) is a self contained user friendly instrument for the determination of skin dose due to hot particle contamination. This time saving device is fully automated and can be used for a wide range of contamination scenarios. GO

  • The need to do length caluclations to determine the dose and activity from a multiple radionuclides present in a source of contamination is error prone and time consuming. The Activity Calculator software from Detec replaces this need with a easy to use GUI and library of over 1200 radionuclides. GO