Industrial Radiation Users

Radioactive sources are used by a diverse range of industries. As diverse as these companies are they all have to deal with the same regulatory, safety, and technical issues. Understanding government regulations, designing adequate shielding for workers, and developing novel uses of radiation are only a few of the complex and time consuming issues faced by industrial users of radiation. 

Below you will find a selection of Detec products and services which you may find useful.



Having Trouble with Regulatory Complience or Obtaining Licensing for a Radiation Device?

Have you purchased a new radiation and source and are trying to obtain a license to use it? Has your national regulatory body recently visited your facility and given you a list of corrections to make? Detec has been helping companies in the nuclear industry compile with regulatory body requests, and obtain site licenses for over 20 years. See how Detec can help you with any regulatory issues. GO


Installed some new equipment or looking to upgrade and need new shielding designs and dose calculations or surveys?

Any changes to a licensed nuclear site requires a re-evaluation of shielding and risk of irradiation to workers. Detec posses the computational knowledge to calculate dose estimates, determine increased shielding requires, and the man power and experience to conduct a dose survey of your facility. Visit our contact page to see how Detec can assist you. GO  


Looking for Application Specific Software Solutions?

Does your company rely on old code which has been poorly maintained? Or software which was written by an unknown author and needs to be updated? The software development team at Detec is capable of delivering application specific scientific computing solutions from the ground up, or updating older codes to a more modern design. Follow the link to see how Detec can help with your software needs. GO