Academic and National Laboratory Researchers

Researchers in any laboratory are under pressure to produce results. This pressure is even greater in the field of nuclear research. Designing new detection equipment, characterizing radiation sources, developing specialized computer software, and dealing with strict regulation are just a few of the many tasks researchers in the nuclear field have to deal with. With over 20 years of experience in R&D, Detec's staff can assist in all these areas. 

Below you will find a selection of Detec products and services which you may find useful.


Looking for Specialized Detection Equipment?

Do you have a difficult detection challenge that needs to be solved? Are you developing a new detector system from the ground up? Are you working in the field of neutron spectroscopy and looking for equipment? The links below will lead you to Detec products and service which can assist you with any detector issues you have: 

  • Detec has a proven track record of over 20 years of innovation in detector development, design, and manufacturing. We have worked with researchers in at university and industry laboratories both nationally and internationally. GO

  • The Nested Neutron Spectrometer developed by Detec is a user friendly, field portable, and accurate spectrometer capable of measuring neutrons from 25 meV up to 20 MeV. GO


In Need of Application Specific Computing Solutions?

The development of stable, maintainable, and well written code is at the core of many scientific challenges. Are you using old or slow poorly written code? Do you have a specific computing issue that requires immediate attention but lack the time? The software development team at Detec is capable of delivering application specific scientific computing solutions. GO