Radiation Site Surveys

The conducting of radiation surveys at a facility maybe require for a number of reasons, compliance with insurance contracts, locate potential leaks, ensuring conformity with licensing agreements, and many others. The highly trained radiation protection professionals at Detec can assist with site surveys by:

  • Recommending appropriate survey instruments
  • Assisting with on site characterization based on standard inspection procedures
  • Application of computational codes to radioactive material transport scenarios
  • Provision of trained staff to perform the site survey


Neutron Field Characterizations

Detec has specialized experience in conducting neutron surveys using the in house developed Nested Neutron Spectrometer (NIST traceable). We have performed neutron surveys in a wide variety of environments:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Nuclear Medical Facilities
  • Research Accelerators

Upon completion of a site survey, Detec provides a full report on the analysis of the finding including calculations of dosimetric quantities, dose correction factors, and recommendations for improved radiation safety.

For more information on how Detec can assist with site surveys please visit our contact page to speak with someone at Detec.